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Gimp-Perl release candidate ready for testing

GIMP - Thu, 06/12/2014 - 20:59

It's been possible to use various scripting languages to automate GIMP for a long time. But until recently Perl bindings for GIMP were considerably out of date due to lack of interest from contributors. Fortunately, a while ago Ed J started working on updating those, and now a release candidate is available for testing.

Gimp-Perl version 2.30_05 is on CPAN now. It supports GIMP 2.8 and provides the following features:

  • An autosave script (not installed by default, examples/autosave2) will save in its own directory files that were opened and changed, then reopen them on GIMP startup; if installed, will start along with GIMP.
  • A plugin registry viewer, installed by default to Filters/Browse Plug-in Registry.
  • A Perl console, installed by default to Filters/Perl/Console.

The way to install the release candidate on Linux is:

perl -MCPAN -e "install 'ETJ/Gimp-2.30_05.tar.gz'"

If you encounter any bugs, please report them on bugzilla.gnome.org.

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Download server renamed to download.gimp.org, no FTP anymore

GIMP - Tue, 05/13/2014 - 20:45

Heads-up if you are still accessing the downloads via ftp.gimp.org:

The downloads server has been renamed to download.gimp.org, and it doesn't support FTP anymore. If you have linked any file, installer package, source archive or directory with an ftp://-Link, please change it to http://. The directory structure is unchanged.

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