Busy time


We're still alive but but really busy these months. Personal and professional matters had kept us very busy and we had to spend our scarce time testing the Zoom OMAP MDP, that finally seems to have some hardware problems. At this point we'd got and RMA and send it back. Now we are looking forward to get it back and continue working.

The problem was a really strange one, and we would like to thank to all the people on the irc for their help identifying and isolating the problem. Great support and great people there!

Before the device became blocked almost all the time we manage to boot a console and an X11 image on it one time each, and they look nice. It was a bit frustrating reaching that point and then not be able to do anything with the device. After booting on X11, running our remote control application for picoFlamingo should be straightforward and very nice to control picoFlamingo from the Zoom2.

Hopefully it will be back for xmas and we could do some progress before the year finish.

Will kept you informed :)

The picoFlamingo Team