Controlling Several Presentations at the same time

Hi There!

The picoFlamingo "Pink Egg" Advanced Remote Control application uses the incredible NetKitty for sending commands to the BeagleBoard running the picoFlamingo application.

A side effect of using Netkitty is that you can control several presentations simultaneously. So you can install several picoFlamingos all around and control all of them from your OpenMoko running the Advanced Remote Control Application. This is really easy.

The usual way to launch the Advanced Remote Control Application is this:

./pf-control | nk -client T,picoFlamingo_ip,5000

where picoFlamingo_ip is the IP of the picoFlamingo and 5000 is the default port.

But you can also launch the remote control using a command like this:

./pf-control | nk -client T,ip1,5000 T,ip2,5000 T,ip3,5000

Doing that, all your remote command will be sent to ip1, ip2 and ip3 simultaneously.

Remember that T is for TCP, but you can also use B to control your devices via Bluetooth.

The picoFlamingo Team