Control picoFlamingo (and other stuff) from your Android Phone

Yes, thanks to NetKitty and the S2 Bluetooth Terminal, I can send commands to picoFlamingo directly from my G1 phone. In principle the BT Chat example available from the Android SDK should also work, but, at this point, I'm stuck with Android 1.5 on my G1 and the RFComm Bluetooth sockets are not available on that version.

The S2 Bluetooth Terminal actually uses a backport of the new BT API introduced on newer Android versions to solve that problem.

To control picoFlamingo using text commands from your Android phone follow the instruction below.

On you beagleboard launch picoFlamingo and NetKitty with a command like this:

nk -s B,1 | ./picoflamingo --dir my_presentation/

Now you just need to launch your preferred Bluetooth RFComm Terminal, connect to your BeagleBoard and start issuing commands (NEXT, PREV or GOTO n) to navigate through your presentation.

In the meantime we are preparing a proper Android Application to control picoFlamingo (AKA picoFlamingoid). We already have an initial prototype but it is not yet finished. Basically it is a simple modification of the example provided by the BT backport library. For the time being, it's looking like this

picoFlamingoid First prototypepicoFlamingoid First prototype

Sure, we need to update the background image, and work the buttons and some other minor details, but it is working pretty well right now.

Not only picoFlamingo can be controlled using this approach. Anything accepting text commands from the standard input should work with NetKitty and any BT RFComm Terminal.

The picoFlamingo Team