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Moving to our new blog platform.

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Moving to a new platform

As for Today we will begin using a new platform that we are developing ourselves. Drupal is great and we are very happy with it. It worked like a charm all these days. Now, for different reasons, being one of them getting some practice again with web technologies, we are moving to this bespoken system that we had called picoBlog :).

It does not do much, but it actually covers our current needs. We will be extending it as we need more features.

There is not much there yet, but you are welcomed to take a look, and any feedback is welcomed!


Awesome Android eXtreme Hacking. Part IV. GNU/Linux on your Pocket

Awesome Android eXtreme Hacking Part I Header




We had done quite some stuff without playing nasty with our phone. There are still a couple of things we can do but, in order to keep the awesomeness level we really have to go and root our device. You may have had read many horror histories about rooting. You might be frightened... You are right. I have heard histories of devices coming back from the Smart Cemetery and claim for revenge on those users that profaned their firmwares.....heresy!!!.


This is a project that I had have in mind for a very long time. Actually I wrote about it some time ago, but in Spanish (http://ogatonosaco.blogspot.nl/2013/08/mia-noir1-mi-inteligencia-artific...). That was almost 2 years ago. I was so young.... Well, let's make a brief introduction/refresher here before getting into more details.

Olinuxino LIME 2. Good First Impression

OlinuXino LIME 2 The OlinuXino LIME 2 arrived some days ago. It is a small ARM development board build in Europe (Bulgary) by Olimex. The LIME2 features an Allwiner A20 (Cortex A-7 Dual core + Dual core Mali 400 GPU), 1 Gb of RAM and a pretty good selection of interfaces ready to be used: Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI, 2x USB host, USB OTG and SATA!!!. In addition it provides 160 GPIOs with apparently, I haven checked it yet, all kind of additional interfaces (SPI, I2C, UART, VGA, TvOut,...). Check the github documents for the details (https://www.olimex.com/Products/OLinuXino/A20/A20-OLinuXIno-LIME2/open-s...).

Awesome Android eXtreme Hacking. Part III. What a Shell!

Awesome Android eXtreme Hacking Part I HeaderAwesome Android eXtreme Hacking Part I Header

So, you had notice we are using the shell a lot. If you are used to work on a standard UNIX shell you had also noticed that the Android command line is really limited. Well, somehow, that makes sense for a consumer electronics device like a phone. Most of the users won't ever notice that. However, us, the chosen wannabes, really want a more powerful shell on our phone.... Such a thing is possible and it is called Busybox.

Awesome Android eXtreme Hacking. Part II. More sensors

Awesome Android eXtreme Hacking Part I HeaderAwesome Android eXtreme Hacking Part I Header

Yes, we know. You had a very bad time waiting for this new AAXH issue. OK, sorry about that.... and do not worry, AWESOMENESS CONTINUES!. If you are reading this, you are probably following this awesome tutorial on how to badly hack into your phone. In that case you might had been wondering why some of your sensors were not producing data or why they just do it sometimes and some other times they don't.

Awesome Android eXtreme Hacking. Part II (Sensors)

Awesome Android eXtreme Hacking Part I HeaderAwesome Android eXtreme Hacking Part I Header

Welcome back to the Awesome Android eXteme Hacking Tutorial. Hope you are ready for some more awesomeness :). In the last issue (http://papermint-designs.com/community/node/419) we learn how to create and run a C application on our Android phone. That allows you to build almost any application that does not require access to special features on your phone, in other words, pretty much any standard console based UNIX application.

Now we are going one step further hacking into your phone sensors. Yes, you phone is full of sensors and peripherals: Buttons, Touchscreen, accelerometers, gyroscopes and even temperature and pressure sensors. Android provides APIs to access those sensors from Java in a convenient way, but we want to hack into them, because that is a lot more awesome!... So, let's start.

Awesome Android eXtreme Hacking. Part I

Awesome Android eXtreme Hacking Part I HeaderAwesome Android eXtreme Hacking Part I Header

So you'd got here because of the catchy title?. Good luck!, you are in the right place. You had just landed in the first part of a series of awesome tutorials on how to extreme hack your Android devices. Yes it is extreme, so let's start straight away. The first thing you have to know is that... your Android phone is actually a Linux computer!. Yes, it is. And that is the reason we can do quite some amazing things just out of the box.... Interested?... Keep reading

How to get the ESSID of the Wifi network you are connected to? (C Source Code)

Recently I had to solve the problem of finding the wifi ESSID of the current wifi connection. Well, the solution is nothing special, but I'm writing this, because; first it was not straightforward to get the snippet, and second, because of the way I found the solution. Just for clarification, what I was looking for was C language function to get the ESSID in my own application in order to do something with it.

Arietta G25 + Wifi Module arrived

Xmas present this year was an Arietta G25 with 256Mb of memory from ACME Systems. This little one features an ARM9 processor at 400MHz, 256Mb of RAM and a bunch of I/O possibilities (GPIO, I2C, SPI, PWM and even I2S and ADC!!!) in around 5cm x 2cm.

Privacy's Future Threads. The Subconscious E-Mirror

It is 2014. It took some time for the people to realise the threats of current Social networks, specially with regards to people's privacy. A lot of people had been rising their voices for several years on this specific topic. A lot of bad things had happen to reach to this point. Bullying, fraud,... Some people had even die. It is pretty sad.

How to access all your photos on your Samsung S4 (Internal and Sdcard)

I had just come back from a trip with hundreds of photos on my new Samsung S4. I plug it into my computer to backup them and make some room in the phone, and then I'd got this annoying dialog popping up.

Error accessing SDCard pictures on Samsung S4Error accessing SDCard pictures on Samsung S4

BeagleBone Black and Watterott display

For a long time I had been aiming to connect some small display to any of my small computers, specially the BeagleBone. Well, some weeks ago I finally succeeded to get one up an running. The display is the Watterott MI0283QT-9A (https://github.com/watterott/MI0283QT-Adapter). It is well-known by the Raspberry Pi and the Beaglebone communities. It has a reasonable quality-price ratio and is very easy to use.

BeagleBone Black Debian console in Watterott LCDBeagleBone Black Debian console in Watterott LCD

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